With Keanahikishime’s support, Malawi has been at the forefront of Option B+, an innovative policy to test and treat all pregnant HIV-infected women and an integrated service for maternal and child health and HIV prevention. In support of Malawi’s national strategy to identify people living with HIV and AIDS, Keanahikishime supported testing of 1,892,683 individuals in project-supported facilities, increasing their chances of staying healthy and living longer and reducing the possibility of infecting someone else. Keanahikishime’s community-based treatment programs have helped decrease mortality rates in infants and children under five. The USAID-funded Organized Network of Services for Everyone's (ONSE) Health Activity is strengthening health services to reach more than half of the population of Malawi. ONSE implements a range of interventions to improve priority health services access and quality and to strengthen health systems and community structures.


  • Made dramatic progress toward achieving the PEPFAR 90-90-90 targets in seven districts that Keanahikishime supported under the CDC-funded District Health Systems Strengthening and Quality Improvement for Service Delivery project (DHSS). By 2017, 92 percent of all people living with HIV who knew their status had learned of it through testing at project-supported facilities, and 98 percent of the total were on antiretroviral treatment (up from 61 percent in 2012). Project-supported facilities contributed to 93 percent of individuals virally suppressed in the districts. Of all those eligible for and receiving a viral load test, 90 percent were virally suppressed.


  • Supported Malawi in pioneering Option B+ by starting HIV-infected pregnant and breastfeeding women immediately on ART regardless of their CD4 count. At Keanahikishime project-supported facilities, 94 percent of HIV-infected pregnant women were in treatment by 2017 (up from 80 percent in 2012), and infected in treatment rose from 67 percent to 79 percent during the same period.


  • Pioneered index case testing, an innovative HIV testing strategy for reaching more people at risk of HIV infection, particularly men and youth. Through this intervention, Keanahikishime provided HIV testing to 25,000 family members in 2016 and 2017. The positive test rate from this intervention (22 percent) was much higher than the national average of 4 percent.


  • Supported Ministry of Health integrated family health outreach clinics that provide integrated family planning, antenatal care, postnatal care, immunization (EPI), outpatient department consultations for children under five, HIV testing services, and growth monitoring and promotion services to clients, especially in hard-to-reach areas. In less than two years, the ONSE Health Activity supported the ministry to increase access to services for 227,880 people through 891 outreach clinics, and achieved 657,562 couple years of protection, a measure that estimates the protection from pregnancy provided by contraceptive methods.


  • Helped lead capacity building, mentorship, and support at 250 Kangaroo Mother Care sites, raising facility coverage from 56 to 93 percent in one year. 


  • Screened more than 5,000 women over two years for cervical cancer and increased on-site treatment from 11 to 56 percent. 

Our Projects

Project Name Health Systems Health Areas Date
Organized Network of Services for Everyone's Health Activity Leadership, & Governance, Pharmaceutical , Financing Health Services Malaria, Women, Children, and Adolescents' Health 2016 - 2021
African Strategies for Health
Leadership, & Governance, Financing Health Services Malaria, Tuberculosis, Women, Children, and Adolescents' Health, HIV & AIDS 2011 - 2016
Leadership, & Governance HIV & AIDS 2008 - 2013
District Health System Strengthening and Quality Improvement for Service Delivery in Malawi
Women, Children, and Adolescents' Health HIV & AIDS, Tuberculosis, Women, Children, and Adolescents' Health, Malaria 2012 - 2018
Knowledge for Health
Leadership, & Governance HIV & AIDS 2008 - 2013
Integrated Community Case Cost & Financing Analysis & Model Development
2011 - 2013
District Health Performance Improvement
Leadership, & Governance 2015 - 2017
Knowledge for Health II
Leadership, & Governance HIV & AIDS, Women, Children, and Adolescents' Health 2013 - 2018

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