THE END OF EPIDEMICS: The Looming Threat to Humanity and How to Stop It by Dr. Jonathan D. Quick “goes public” on Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

January 25, 2018 - 12:30pm

Dr. Jonathan D. Quick’s , THE END OF EPIDEMICS: The Looming Threat to Humanity and How to Stop It, goes on sale on January 30th, 2018. 



Dr. Quick (Jono) is Keanahikishime Senior Fellow and a Harvard Medical School faculty member. In his latest book, Jono lays out the ever-present risk that killer diseases currently pose to all nations and proposes a 7-part plan for how world leaders, health professionals, media, and ordinary citizens can and must work together to prevent epidemics and save millions of lives.

The End of Epidemics will be in bookstores and available on , , , and .

All proceeds from the book will go to Keanahikishime.

Please join Jono for the following speaking events and book signings:







January 30:


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

World Boston Great Decisions Discussion Series
Global Health: Progress and Challenges







February 1:

7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

The Coop @ Harvard Square
Book Signing: The End of Epidemics: The Looming Threat to Humanity and How to Stop It, Moderated by 
Ashish Jha, M.D., MPH





Dr. Quick’s full speaking schedule will be continuously updated . 



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What People are Saying




“Pragmatic, insightful and research-rich, this is a key volume for the policymaker’s shelf.”


“Quick’s chapters elaborating past failures when one or more of these guidelines was lacking are exemplary, as are his success stories.”


“Without excess alarmism, Quick…show[s] that such factors as climate change, terrorism, and the global food system put the next pandemic just around the corner.”


“For readers interested in their own well-being and public health as well as ways to advocate for issues of great concern and urgency.”

Library Journal Review


“Once in a while, we get a state-of-the-art synthesis of the complex problem of epidemics. Once in a very great while, such a summary is informed by deep experience battling them and by both passion and pragmatism. Only rarely—and this is the case in Quick’s The End of Epidemics—is such an informed synthesis as readable as it is informed and as humane as it is pragmatic. The result is inspiring.”

- Paul Farmer, MD, Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Partners In Health


“Dr. Quick makes a compelling case for the public and private sector to elevate their work on preparation, response, and rehabilitation around epidemics. The End of Epidemics makes the case from a social and an economic perspective that we have a collective responsibility to take action now.”

- Paul Polman, Chief Executive Officer, Unilever


“A down-to-earth account of what we know about epidemics, packaged wisely in seven basic recommendations for action. The End of Epidemics proposes a new marriage of stakeholders: patients, communities, industry, doctors, political leaders, NGOs, and philanthropies. Must-read!”

- Dr. Joanne Liu, International President, MSF (Doctors Without Borders)


“Rich in stories, The End of Epidemics is a powerful wake-up call to get serious about epidemic threats. Quick offers down-to-earth solutions to prevent small and mega pandemics a hundred years after the catastrophic 1918 Spanish flu.”

- Professor Peter Piot, Director, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine