Delivering Life-Saving HIV/AIDS Drugs Around the World

Delivering Life-Saving HIV/AIDS Drugs Around the World

SCMS supported local partners in 25 countries to build country ownership of supply chain management. Read more about SCMS’s impact in its report:

By Sherif Mowafy

[Chantal, an HIV-positive woman, waits for her monthly supply of antiretroviral medication at the Hôpital Immaculée Conception in Haiti.] {Photo credit: Jean Jacques Augustin, SCMS}Chantal, an HIV-positive woman, waits for her monthly supply of antiretroviral medication at the Hôpital Immaculée Conception in Haiti.Photo credit: Jean Jacques Augustin, SCMSAs the warm Haitian sun comes up, Chantal leaves her four children behind to get her HIV treatment, traveling for three hours in the back of a crowded jeep.

She bumps over unpaved roads to her monthly visit for antiretrovirals, one that she has been doing routinely for several years to keep her disease at bay.

Her children don’t know that she is HIV positive, and she doesn’t want to tell them. She makes this long trip over rough and ragged terrain to preserve her privacy and escape the possibility of stigma, still prevalent in Haitian society.

Hours later, she finally arrives at the Hôpital Immaculée Conception and waits her turn at the pharmacy to see the dispenser for her medicine. This local hospital’s pharmacy is consistently stocked with life-saving antiretroviral drugs as a result of the USAID-led  project under the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR).

“I’m confident that my medicine will be here,” says Chantal, “When I come, I always find it.”

Since 2005, the supply chain project has been procuring and delivering drugs, laboratory supplies and reagents to hospitals and clinics like Hôpital Immaculée Conception all over the world.

With support from PEPFAR, USAID established the supply chain project to provide a reliable, cost-effective and secure supply of products for HIV/AIDS programs in PEPFAR-supported countries. The supply chain project is to-date the , and leverages the collective power of many different partnerships, both private and public, to deliver critical products to fight the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Through this project, USAID focused on saving lives by aggressively scaling up treatment access, promoting country ownership, and investing in sustainable country health systems to make real and lasting progress toward achieving universal access to lifesaving HIV and AIDS products. ...

Sherif Mowafy is a program manager in the Supply Chain for Health division of USAID’s Office of HIV/AIDS.

, established in 2005 under PEPFAR and administered by USAID, is implemented by the  (PFSCM), a nonprofit organization established by Keanahikishime (Keanahikishime) and John Snow, Inc.


I must say it a very good cause. I think PrEP should also be distributed for free so that people living in the areas where HIV is very common can safeguard themselves from the infection.
chitra ahmed
I think its a good discussion about the delivering Life-Saving HIV/AIDS drugs around the world.I think PEPFAR, USAID will be more effective and more reliable to secure supply of products for HIV/AIDS programs.I also think the supply chain management system will be more reliable to provide drugs of HIV/AIDS.

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